The division was formed on May 5, 1915 and organized over the next few weeks. It was part of a wave of new infantry divisions formed in the spring of 1915. The division was disbanded in 1919 during the demobilization of the German Army after World War I.
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 Training Company

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PostSubject: Training Company   Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:05 pm

Recruits and Enlisted Men Pending for Basic Training:

1.Rifleman - Schtz.Godfather
2.Rifleman - Schtz.Storm_Shadow
3.Rifleman - Schtz.Nobody
4.Rifleman - Schtz.Wuschel
5.Rifleman - Schtz.Zauberfisch
6.Rifleman - Schtz.Muesliriegel
7.Rifleman - Schtz.Dyanp
8.Rifleman - Schtz.Pekiller
9.Rifleman - Schtz.Killer_Badger
10.Rifleman - "empty"

Current Basic Training Staff:

GeneralLeutnant Niklas - Officer Training Instructor
OberstLeutnant Sniper - Basic Training Instructor
OberSchuetze Pekiller - Squad Marksman Instructor


Stab Kompanie
Oberstleutnant Sniper
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Training Company
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